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Hello and welcome to the options for your sessions! 

We offer 10 FREE sessions per person, 2 from each of the 5 services described on this page.


You may feel drawn to more than one, which is great! All of the choices we offer are complimentary with each other, and they all lead in the direction of healing. What is important is that you find what feels right for you. We have a short video explaining each modality to help you make that decision. 


Video states 6 free sessions. We have updated to allow 10 FREE, which is 2 per service type!  Not sure where to start?  Try a 15 min Clarity Call first!  




EFT is a simple to use healing method with an 86% success rate for PTSD (Church et. al, 2013).  If you are finding yourself unable to release or overcome persistent negative emotions, or having beliefs about yourself or others you would like to change, EFT is likely a good fit for you. It has been clinically studied and found highly effective for PTSD, phobias, and psychological ailments such as depression and anxiety.


Once you learn the basics, you can even use EFT on your own. EFT involves memory recall while tapping on specific acupressure points of the body. If you are concerned about having to think or talk about an experience, don’t worry, there are techniques specifically designed to make sure the process feels safe and empowering to you. It is a client-led technique, so you are always in control. 


Hypnotherapy, HeartMath and EMDR

This category consists of three different methods to choose from: Hypnotherapy, HeartMath, and/or EMDR. These methods reprogram or remodel your automatic patterns of thinking, acting, or feeling. 


Hypnotherapy involves getting the brain into a state of suggestibility to allow the practitioner to speak agreed-upon suggestions to your subconscious.  This assists you to release what you don’t want and receive what you do want.


HeartMath is based on 25 years of research and teaches you simple, practical techniques that can help you de-stress from challenging situations as well as build your resilience.  The techniques you will learn will also help you to quickly get back on track in moments of stress.


EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. It is proven that the movement of our eyes is directly linked to how our brains translate and store our thoughts. By combining eye movement with talk therapy from a licensed EMDR therapist, traumas and overwhelm can be quickly released. 


With a Certified Life Coach

A life coach is a versatile mentor whose goal is to assist you to clear a path to where you want to be. They may focus on what areas of your life are imbalanced and use various techniques to help you clarify your goals and release old habits that may be in your way. You gain new skills and behaviors to support your alignment with your dreams. Life coaches are also an excellent accountability partner to guide you into action. 

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